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Celebrating Ten Incredible Years

We hope you made it to our Tenth Anniversary celebration. If so, check out this video and see whether you see yourself. And be sure to make plans to join us next year for our Eleventh Anniversary.

Introducing Amigos Oasis


Quench your thirst: With warm weather here, it’s not unusual to arrive at Amigos more than a little thirsty. Fortunately, relief is now available 24/7 — just like our fills. We call this Amigos’ Oasis. You’ll find it in the cabana that faces the fill station. Inside is an assortment of sodas, thirst quenchers, energy drinks and water. Drinks are just $1.00 each; drop your money in the slot next to the refrigerated cabinet. More…

Gas Fills Will Never be the Same

Magic Box

Discover the “Magic Box” fill process: The days of wearing out your hands jumping from one cascade bottle to the next are over. Our friend Bud has gifted us with a seemingly magical fill controller which makes the process absurdly easy. You just connect the whips to your tanks, open a single valve and the system does the rest. We’ve also added a fourth row of storage bottles to our banks, increasing our capacity by 4,000 cubic feet.

New Checkout Terminal


Bigger, faster, easier: We just added a brand-new checkout terminal which is bigger and faster than before. Also new is a chip-card reader for processing you chip-embedded credit card. As a reminder, while we continue to take credit cards, we no longer accept Pay Pal (get Wayne to tell you the story).

There’s No Place on Earth
Quite Like Amigos Dive Center


Amigos is the kind of place where divers gather at the end of a busy day to run into friends, share adventures and learn more about the latest happenings. This sort of atmosphere was once common in diving; today it’s a rarity.

Founded in 2006 by Wayne Kinard, Amigos goal is to provide divers the best quality air and most accurately blended gas mixes anywhere. All gas from Amigos is clean and certified every 90 days. The testing results and equipment maintenance log are available for review by all customers.


Amigos is centrally located to all of north-central Florida’s major cave and technical dive sites. From here it’s just a short drive to Devil’s Eye/Ear, Little River, Cow, Peacock, Madison, Manatee and 40 Fathom Grotto.

Whatever your needs, Amigos is here to help. The network of experienced instructors, full gas blending capabilities and full equipment rentals are here to meet your needs. If you are interested in Open Water or taking your diving to the next level with Cavern, Cave, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Trimix, or Specialty Diver Cave classes, we can help you reach that goal.

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Amigos Dive Center

5472 SW Elim Church Rd
Ft. White, FL 32038

(386) 497-3876
(386) 288-4895

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