Clean, pure, accurate gas fills are the heart of our business. The key to what we do is not just an obsession with preventive maintenance and accuracy, but also the tools we have at our disposal.

Amigos is the official distributor for the Tri-Hunter Mixing Stick mixing stick. No other blending tool guarantees its degree of accuracy. Pick a mix and, odds are, we can make it.

The extreme accuracy of the Tri-Hunter 6000 eliminates the need for remixing or adjusting a dive profile post fill. So whether you need 8/80, 18/45, 21/30 — or anything else — we can do it. Additionally, we bank:

  • Air
  • High-Pressure Oxygen
  • Pre-Mixed EAN32
  • 10/50 Trimix

And, of course, we can custom blend almost anything.

Single-Knob Filling

Having to wear out your wrists opening and closing countless cascade cylinders is so yesterdat’s news. Our “magic box” controller lets you extract the maximum the bakns have to offer by turning just one knob.

Gas Fill Prices

Description Price
Air (Flat Rate per Cylinder) $6.00
Pre-Mixed EAN32 (Per Cubic Foot) $0.20
Oxygen (Per Cubic Foot) $0.49
Helium (Per Cubic Foot) $1.75

Custom blends prices are based on the per-cubic-foot cost of the gas used.

Save With a Pre-Paid EAN32 Card

Every regular Amigos customer will want one or more of these. Based on a flat-rate Nitrox fill, you pay for nine fills up front; your tenth is free! (And, let’s face it: Everybody likes free.)

We Serve Our Community

Your money is no good at Amigos if:

  • You are a firefighter refilling your department’s SCBA (i.e., Scott Air-Pak) units
  • You work for the Florida State Park Service
  • You are a local law enforcement officer or public safety diver
  • You are a dive instructor teaching a class

Just accept your free gas with a smile and our thanks for all the good you do for our community.